This modification contains modified API files for Nextpost incl. custom improvement and fixes.

We updated all files step-by-step and already tested this update one month. All works well.

This is the only digital guide, not API access, of course, you can download the latest API build on GitHub (@mgp25). But you should know, that original Nextpost developer modified all API files for their own needs and if you just updated API files you will get a lot of errors and bugs. This guide just saves your time for that task.


This API bundle will be included in the Hyperloop Masslooking module for Nextpost in future, because you should have the latest endpoints for story viewing functions in /scr/Request/Internal.php.


Included (5)

  • Really easy implementation, because all the hard work we already did in the back-end
  • Digital Instruction for Nextpost Instagram API Update;
  • Modified files for Nextpost Instagram API;
  • Compatibility with Nextpost 4.0 and higher;
  • Compatibility with Nextpost Tag User Module (by

Not included (2)

  • Fix for re-login, checkpoint, etc – because it’s proxy problem and solved with mobile proxies (know more about that);
  • New functions for front-end, this is just back-end update.

Thanks for all GitHub API team and @mgp25 for sharing new updates, fixes, and improvements.


  1. V4.520.10.2019
  2. FIX: Better compatibility with Hyperloop script.
  3. – FIX: OLD API v.3.2. Better compatibility with Hyperloop script. Old, but works with Boost, Auto Like and Inbox module.
  4. Update this folder with new one from download:
  5. /app/vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/
  6. Version 4.410.10.2019
  7. – URGENT UPDATE: Missing constants for verification challenge.
  8. – OLD API ATTACHED: In the latest API v.4.3 liking functionality not working.
  9. – BUGFIX: Improvements in code in /app/vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/src/Instagram.php.
  10. Update these files with new one from download:
  11. /app/vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/src/Constants.php
  12. /app/vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/src/Instagram.php
  13. /app/vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/src/Request/Internal.php
  14. If you are using our 2FA mod, don’t forget about Step 3 in digital tutorial.
  15. Version
  16. Follow installation guide and replace all required files.
  17. – IMPROVEMENTS: All API files updated to the latest version from GitHub.
  18. – IMPROVEMENTS: Latest signature key for Instagram API added.
  19. If you are using our 2FA mod, don’t forget about Step 3 in digital tutorial

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