Bricks v1.3 – Visual Site Builder for WordPress

Last Updated:
July 1, 2021
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Powerful Resources

Powerful Resources for Wordpress Themes, Plugins, PSD, After Effects and PHP Scripts.

Safe Files

Trusted Authored With Trusted Files to ensure your website security and safety.

Usually Updated

Up to date resources to keep you ahead and updated with latest features.

Build WordPress Sites That Rank.

A Faster, More Customizable & Performant Tool To Visually Design Your Entire Site.

Create Your Entire Site Visually

From header to footer, and anything in between. Customize every aspect of your site right in the builder … Soon you’ll forget you’re using WordPress 😉

Insert dynamic data. Edit & preview multiple breakpoints for a fully responsive website optimized for mobile.

Lots of smart features to help you build better sites in less time.

So Fast, Your Visitors & Google Will Love You.

Bricks doesn’t just help you build your site in record time, it loads it in record time, too. 100/100 GTmetrix score out-of-the-box. No optimization plugin needed.

How? No bloat, clean valid markup, and smart lazy loading of all your assets.
Also, Bricks is a theme, not a plugin. The whole deal, if you will 🙂

Not A Designer?
No Problem.

Hit the ground running with one of our ready-made templates. Create custom theme styles to make any design your own.

Edit your images visually via CSS filters. Add unlimited gradients & shape dividers to any block. Create a color palette that fits your brand. Upload your favorite fonts and SVGs.

Need more programmatic design power? Custom CSS & JavaSript can be added globally or to individual blocks.

A Developers’ Dream.

Easily create your own elements with PHP, HTML, and CSS. No complicated build/compile process required.

Use hooks and filters to customize everything down to color palette, save messages, and so on.

Extend Bricks in any way imaginable by adding your own endpoints to the Bricks API. What are you going to build next?

Got Questions? Good.

What Is Bricks?

Bricks is a WordPress theme that helps you build performant WordPress sites with confidence, and in record time.

Why Is Bricks So Fast?

Bricks is carefully crafted, and runs on the latest, most modern Vue.js 3 framework. The frontend utilises smart asset loading, clean markup, and some magic 😉

Gutenberg Compatible?

Yes, of course. You can convert your Gutenberg data into Bricks data, and vice versa. Allowing you to continue editing your Gutenberg pages in Bricks, and the other way around. No Lock-In effect!

Can I Try Bricks First?

Yes, you can create your own free playground account over at The playground currently runs on the unreleased Brick 1.2. We’d love to receive your feedback for the new container element.

How Can I Upgrade?

You can upgrade from Starter to Ultimate as long as the lifetime offer is available. Simply email us when you are ready and we’ll send you a coupon code. You only pay the remaining difference.

Do I Need To Know Code?

You can visually design your entire site without any coding knowledge. But if you know how to code, you can do even more. Such as creating your own elements, etc.

Supported Languages?

Bricks is currently available in the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Romanian.

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