Toolset v3.4.1 Interactive BUNDLE – Custom WordPress Types and Fields

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December 5, 2020
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Toolset WordPress compares favourably with other plugins in that it is great for developers and provides a very user-friendly interface. There is a PHP API. Non-programmers can use a simple graphical user interface for work. In addition to custom post types, this plugin also handles custom fields very well. You can not only add them to posts and pages, but also to users. You can also specify how different fields will appear in the WordPress admin panel. Another useful feature: the ability to set parent/child relationships between different types of posts. 

Toolset Components
Toolset Forms (CRED) Commerce v1.8.1
Toolset Advanced Export v1.0
Toolset Blocks v1.1.1
Toolset Forms (CRED) v2.5.4
Toolset Framework Installer / Reference Sites v3.1.7
Toolset Layouts v2.6.3.1
Toolset Layouts Migration v1.0
Toolset Classifieds v0.4
Toolset Maps v2.0
Toolset Module Manager v1.8.6
Toolset Access v2.8.3
Toolset Types v3.3.10
Toolset WooCommerce Views v2.8.1
Toolset Views v3.1.1

Toolset Integrations:
Toolset Avada Integration v1.5.3
Toolset Cornerstone Integration v1.2
Toolset Customizr Integration v1.3
Toolset Divi Integration v1.7.2
Toolset Genesis Integration v1.9.2
Toolset Twenty Fifteen Integration v1.4
Toolset Twenty Seventeen Integration v1.0
Toolset Twenty Sixteen Integration v1.4.1

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