Sometimes you can have troubles with adding accounts to Nextpost or Hyperloop Terminal masslooking script. This script and method described should help you catch a valid session. After that, you can easily add an account to Nextpost or Hyperloop Terminal.

IMPORTANT: This script works only with Laptops. Also, we don’t provide you installation or integration support, because all important info explained in the digital tutorial.


  • Not for beginners, you should have basic coding knowledge
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Session Catcher Script (this script works only with Laptops)
  • Session attachment option for Nextpost (integration guide)


  1. You need Nextpost Script.
  2. Create file backup before any modification.
  3. After install don’t forget to clear cache.


  1. Version
  2. – New endpoints for verification challange.
  3. Version
  4. – Missing Step 2.5 added.
  5. Version
  6. – Initial release.

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