Sngine is a new version of CMS for creating a social network. Easy installation, which takes one minute, is Russian, a convenient admin panel in which you can fully control the system, includes all the necessary functions for a modern social network. 

General characteristics :
Users can add others as friends. 
Sngine also supports the following follower system, such as Twitter / Facebook 
real-time news, chat, notifications and profile updates. 
Users can share any public message on the Sngine 
Smart Publisher Publisher auto-scrap ( Music, Video, Links) 
YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud – users can share links from this media 
Receive notifications (red notification with a counter) from other users when: Like, Share, Comment or @ mention you 
Sound notifications I’m on new notifications and messages. 
Users can change their privacy settings at any time. 
#hashtags in posts, comments and chats
User @mention can mention his friends. 
Photos upload images and display them as a gallery. 
Stay in touch with group members and share stories with them. 
The user can now create pages, such as Facebook. 
Smilies in messages, comments and chats. 
Users can block other users without letting them communicate with each other. 
Stunning profile with covers and avatars for user profiles / pages / groups 
And much more

Admin Features :
Portable, so you can easily run it on any 
Ajax hosting system. 
Built in pure PHP with easy-to-understand code so that the developer can set up his 
SEO friendly URL. 
Turning the entire site on 
and off. Turning on and off registration 
Enable / disable activation letter after registration. 
Enable / Disable turn off the SMTP email system 
Turn on and off reCAPTCHA 
Multilingual platform using gettext (support for Arabic and RTL design) 
Translation Management: the administrator can add / edit / delete Language translation 
Improved system caching for the entire system and browsing templates that guarantee fast loading of the entire site.
Manage your members, edit your profile information and check any of them. 
Manage the pages that your members created, check any of them. 
The administrator can add / edit / delete different categories for pages. 
Edit or delete user-created groups 
Manage the reports of your members 
The administrator can make any user / page checked. 
The administrator can add / edit / delete static pages, for example, about privacy, conditions, etc. 
The ad system administrator can add / edit / delete ads for the entire system in different places. 
Admin can add / edit / delete topics
Statistics on user registration, messages, comments, messages and comments, likes 
The administrator can set the minimum / maximum number of results for each query.
Requirements :
Sngine requires Apache Server, PHP 5.5+ and MySQL to run.
Before installing Sngine, make sure the extensions mysqli, mod_rewrite, cURL, intl are enabled on your server.
Changelog :
Version 2.7 17-02-2020

[Updated] Documentation
[Updated] System Security
[Updated] System Optimization
[Updated] Sngine Libs [AWS|Faker|HybridAuth|PHPMailer|Smarty|Stripe|Twilio]
[Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies [bootstrap.colorpicker|codemirror|easytimer|mustache|tinymce]
[Updated] Sngine CSS Dependencies [Bootstrap|Font-Awesome]
[Added] Adult Images Detection System
[Added] Banned Usernames
[Added] Banned Email Providers
[Added] Comments Sort by Top/Recent
[Added] Hide Post from My Timeline
[Added] New SMS BulkSMS provider
[Added] New SMS Infobip provider
[Added] New Storage Digitalocean
[Added] New Storage FTP
[Added] New Payemnts CoinPayments
[Added] New Payemnts 2Checkout
[Added] Revoke Apps Connection from User Settings
[Added] Watermark Overlay [Admin Panel]
[Added] Prevent Brute-Force Attack
[Added] Admin ability to turn Brute-Force Attack Detection On/Off [Admin Panel]
[Added] Admin ability to turn Feelings/Activity Posts On/Off [Admin Panel]
[Added] Static Pages Order [Admin Panel]
[Added] Widgets Order [Admin Panel]
[Added] WYSIWYG Editor in Admin Announcements [Admin Panel]
[Added] Delete Account button in edit user page [Admin Panel]
[Added] Set allowed file extension while selecting the files to upload
[Fixed] Birthdate datetime format in profile page
[Fixed] Delete friends & followers connections when delete user account
[Fixed] Reactions box position while scrolling
[Fixed] Minor Bugs
[Removed] Windows Phone App

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Version v2.7.0
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